Annotated Region Map

The Otaku Region, credit to SMBZ1.

This page will give you a more detailed description about Otaku, its villages and cities.This region is a wonderful place with lots of varied vegetation and environments, which makes it the perfect place for different kinds of pokémon to make their homes! Even legendary pokémon have been found to settle here.

The Otaku Region

Otaku is part of a large island that harbours multiple regions. The regions are seperated by a large chain of mountains named the 'Lost Mountains'. A smaller island, located in the giant bay is used and referred to as a border between Otaku and its neighbouring region, but is also part of the Otaku region.

Cities, Towns and More!

The Otaku region has 14 cities, of which one is the Pokémon League (yellow dot). Eight of them however, hold a gym and thus have their own gymleaders composed of multiple talents, of whom some have traveled from even Kanto to assume the role here.

Furthermore, Otaku is dotted with four forests, a large lake (located at the centre of the region), Mount Otaku; the largest mountain of the island, several caves, an underground ice cavern and a misty cape. 

Places of Interest:

I.The Safari Zone, the largest one that has ever existed. Pokémon found from all the five known regions can be found here, if one is lucky of course.

II. Border island, with its magnificent Duelora City, home to all trainers that wish to toughen up their teams and themselves. It gives home to the Battle Institute and the Contest Area.

III. The Diamond League, an area that has been changed and is devoted to all kinds of pokémon contests. It's considered heaven for all Coordinators.

IV. Malachite Town and Malachite Tower, home to Otaku's ghost-type pokémon. Many channelers live here and pay homage to the departed spirits.

V. Tidal Lake, a wondrous paradise to fishers and water-type pokémon alike.