Lt. Helena Surge, is Otaku's Electric-type expert and gymleader of Voltage City. She's a military genius and made sure that Otaku had clean energy by building the Windturbine Fields, an ecological way of generating energy and the perfect habitat for different types of electric pokémon. As the name suggests, Helena is indeed the daughter of the world-reknown Lt. Surge, the gymleader of Vermilion City.



Helena is very lively and friendly. She made it her duty to let young trainers realize the value of their bond with pokémon and clings unto that ideal with all her might. As her father she has a splendid stamina and strong potential for engeneering. She can however be quite stubborn when irritated and if one manages to get her angry or enraged, they're most likely to regret that, since she has been known for her 'Thunderstorm' temperament.

Lt. Helena Surge

Name: Helena Surge

Nickname: Hotheaded Helena

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Birthday: September 19th

Bloodtype: AB+

Birth Town: Vermillion City

Occupation: Gymleader


Located: Voltage City

Gym: Voltage Gym

Gym Badge: 

Team: Flaaffy (partner)



Helena grew up in Vermilion City, Kanto alongside her father. ...



Helena's Flaaffy, Captain Coton

Captain is Helena's very first pokémon which she recieved from her father at a children's farm in Jotho. Happy as she was she opted to nickname him as Captain Coton, since he was so soft. Over the years both she and Captain grew a lot, both training together every morning at dawn. As she found Captain Coton sounding a bit too childish she only calls him Captain in public, chosing to call him by his full name only when being at home.


Helena's Rotom, Sparkles

Sparkles is a mischievous pokémon Helena caught when it was terrorizing the pokémon in the Turbine Plains. A pokémon who loves teasing others by taking control of small machinery, it usually gets him into trouble when Helena finds out about it. He may be playfull and childish at times, he proves to be an excelent tracker, as Helena often notices.


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