Jake watson

Jake Watson, the water-type gymleader.

Jake Watson is Otaku's splashing water-type specialist.


Jake has purple-colored eyes, and brown wavy hair which reaches his neck. He also wears a purple headband to tie up his hair. He also wears a red sweater while having a purple scarf around his neck.


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Jake Watson

Name: Jake Watson

Nickname: Jake

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Birthday: March 23rd

Bloodtype: B

Birth Town:

Occupation: Gym Leader



Gym Badge:

Team: Vaporeon





Jake always look up to his father, who was a Pokemon trainer that roamed throughout Otaku Region, and thus, he made up his mind to follow in his father's footsteps when he grows up. When he first started out on his journey, he was attacked by a Gyarados. Fortunately, a Lapras came to his rescue and defeated the Gyarados. From then on, Jake felt that he had a bond with water pokemon. After years of training, he was approached by a Gym Leader to take over his spot. Seeing that opportunity, Jake did not hesitate and accepted the offer and therefore, he became the new Water-Type Gym Leader.


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